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Imagine the Covid19 pandemic hitting a world without internet, laptops or smartphones. The world would be in a far worse situation than we are in now. How would we even share news and safety precautions?

Thanks to the internet, we are familiar with the concepts of working remotely and transacting online so it is easier for businesses to pivot. Beyond virtual business meetings and online payments, there are so many tasks your business can execute with the aid of technological tools.

We have made a list of eight (8) tools we think every business needs to enhance their productivity while battling the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a fully-automated tool designed for time management. It works by tracking time spent on website and apps every day. At the close of business every day, you get a detailed report of how much time you have spent on the websites and apps on that day.

Every small business should use Rescue Time now that most employees are working remotely. Asides the fact that it helps to measure productivity and time management, it also helps employers  keep track of what their employees are doing during work hours. After all, time is money and you cannot afford to lose so much.

Rescue Time has 3 plans – one is free, while the other two cost $6 per month for each member of your team. Learn more about Rescue Time.

Sales Force

Sales Force is a tool for collecting and curating information about sales, marketing and customer service. It is expedient to have all these information together on one platform as you constantly need to analyze these metrics for the growth of your business.

With Sales Force, small businesses can find and manage leads, manage customers and sales details, forecast sales more accurately, get real-time sales insights and customize processes.

There are four (4) paid plans starting from $25 per month and a free trial version. Small businesses need this tool because driving sales is what you must do if you want to stay in business, especially at this time. Get started with SalesForce


Slack is a messaging tool you need if you have a team of employees running your business. It enables your team members to chat within themselves without emails. This way, they can stay up to date with any news regarding projects or anything else related to the business.

With Slack, it is easier to find important information because conversations are organized in channels. You can also prioritize messages unlike emails. There is a free version for small teams and three paid options starting from $6.67 per month.


Trello is a tool designed for project management. Similar to Slack, It enables you to create boards and workflows, and also add and assign tasks within your team. Your team can edit documents, upload photos, files and videos. It also has an added checklist feature that lets you check off projects that have been executed.

Simple everyday tasks can also be automated with Trello. There is a free version and two paid versions starting from $12.50 per month. Get started with Trello.

Expense Bot

Expense Bot helps businesses keep track of their daily expenses. this tool helps you log in all receipts and keeps track of mileage. With Expense Bot, no expense can be overlooked. Get ExpenseBot.


Mint is a tool is designed to help you manage your finances. It compiles all your financial accounts to create an overview. Every transaction imputed is categorized properly either as an expense or income and presented to you in form of a chart. It also has a bill payment reminder feature that saves you from the added expense of late bill payments. With Mint, you can easily create budgets and stick to them.

Now more than ever, it is important that you monitor your finances closely and Mint will help you do just that. The best part is that it is absolutely free.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool. Every business needs a social media presence. Asides the fact that it is free and allows you to interact with your target audience and generate leads, it is also a platform for you to tell your brand’s story. With the ongoing pandemic, more businesses are using social media to stay connected with their target audience.

Hootsuite enables you to plan your content calendar for your social media accounts. It also allows you to schedule your post to a specific time and date and shares accordingly at the set time. Hootsuite gives you insights on your social media posts, allowing you to see which ones get the highest engagements.

There is a free version and four paid versions starting from $19 per month. Get started with Hootsuite.


HelloSign is a platform that enables electronic signing. With the spread of the novel Corona virus, almost everyone is working remotely. So what do you do if you need someone to sign a physical document? HelloSign has features that can help you do that remotely. So, there is no need to be physically present to seal those deals.

 It also enables you to review agreements.  HelloSign has a free trial version which allows you to sign three documents monthly for free and three paid options starting from $13 per month. Get HelloSign here.

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