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We partnered with Naija Startups and SME Traction to put together a Business Strategy Clinic for small business owners last Thursday. The three-hour event which held at the Eagle Global Markets, Ikoyi, Lagos was highly interactive and informative.

Entrepreneurs in diverse sectors ranging from food to fashion, energy, real estate and tech were present. There were three sessions addressing business operations, business development and finance; and sales and marketing respectively with our Managing Partner facilitating the business development and finance segment. Issues like the best way to manage resources, innovation in business, how to raise funding, the best types of funding for specific businesses, as well as tips for increasing visibility on social media were tackled.

During the course of the event, participants were encouraged to ask questions and share the challenges they face in running their businesses. The fact that most entrepreneurs face similar problems irrespective of their fields was established; enabling the founders to realize that they are not alone. The participants also got a report from SME Traction which evaluated their businesses, guiding them on the next course of action for the stage they are currently in.

According to the founder of Marté Egele – a fashion and lifestyle brand,”The sessions were fantastic. They reminded me of things I needed to get done for my business.” Other participants shared the same view,  highlighting how educative the event was and how much they look forward to being a part of the next edition.

See this video highlight of our Managing Partner sharing advice on Business Development and Finance at the Business Strategy Clinic.

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