Common Branding Errors Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Common Branding Errors Entrepreneurs Should Avoid
April 25, 2017 Toyosi Akinoso

The Internet is ever buzzing with stories about branding and marketing but many entrepreneurs still don’t understand the Dos and Don’ts of an effective branding and marketing strategy, which helps you to get your message out and also monetize it. It is important for business owners to understand what branding is, to maximize their reach.

Branding is the perception of your company on a personal level, this is your identity and what enables you to tell a story that your clients can emotionally connect to. One of the least maximised areas of business is customer service and many business owners do not understand that, it is a form of branding. Branding is how you treat your customers and also the experience you create for them. The way they feel during business transactions with you, is the best way to create a lasting positive impression. The brand name or trademark are only elements that contribute to the success of your brand strategy, but that isn’t the only thing. There are mistakes business owners make when building a brand strategy that can be avoided. Some of these are summarized below:

  •  A unique brand identity –  A logo is not a brand though it is part of the brand strategy. Every business should have a logo which can be seen everywhere by customer but it shouldn’t be mistaken as the brand. A tagline is vital to your brand strategy because it should amply communicate the essence of your brand to the customers.
  • Don’t be something you are not – Authenticity should be your priority because every company and individual has a brand and when people see this, they will form an impression almost immediately. Be sure, you are communicating the right message so your target audience can form right impression about your brand and company.
  • Don’t go overboard with your content – Be careful not to put too much money on content that cannot be monetized. Competition maybe stiff but the right marketing plan will help you to create original content and manage funds which will distinguish your brand, rather than just copying and pasting content. Plagiarizing can negatively impact your credibility which can lead to loss of trustworthiness.
  • Don’t forget a call to action – Unfortunately many brands make this mistake all the time. It’s a waste of money when a brilliant marketing campaign does not have a call to action or a business website does not provide details of contact information that customers can interact with. Despite the huge amount of money spent to get the clients’ attention, your company can loose a great opportunity to make profit because it failed to provide contact information for clients to reach out.

The stepping-stone to fully develop an effective brand strategy is an understanding that individuals, not the companies control brands. A great example is Apple, which developed an idealistic image that people want to identify with. This will help to consummate the brands in the mind of the consumers and have them talking about what we want them to say.

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