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Pictures are great for storytelling but videos have been proven to be more effective for marketing and building emotional connections with audiences. According to research, viewers retain 95% of the message seen in a video compared to reading it in a text.  This explains why more businesses are incorporating video content into their digital marketing strategies.

Last week, we had Nnanna Adim of Cinematics – a video production company talk to our Instagram audience about how they can create low budget video content. As people are spending more time online, it is ideal for business owners to create video content and increase their brand awareness. Here are some pointers he shared on creating low budget video content:

Be Passionate About The Subject Matter

Nnanna explained that the first step to creating video content is to be passionate about the subject matter. People are more inclined to listen and act on your message if you sound confident and knowledgeable about the topic. If you are passionate about a subject, you will invest time into researching about it.

Think Outside The Box – Within Your Industry                  

The Don’t Rush Challenge became a popular trend during the first week of the lock down in Lagos, Nigeria. Nnanna mentioned that business owners can use trends like these to communicate strong messages about their brands or even show behind the scenes of their business operations. He added that when creating video content, it is important to think of creative ways to make your brand stand out.

Learn The Basics

Sound, lighting and composition are key factors for creating great video content. If you are shooting with your phone camera, ensure that you have a nice background and that the audio is clear and audible. You must have a good story-line and a clear Call-To-Action at the end of your video.

Go Straight To The Point

Social media users generally have a short attention span and as a result, you must create video content that is as concise as possible. Social media platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram allow you to post videos between 30 to 60 seconds on your Story and Feed. This shows that you should make the subject of your video the main focus and avoid adding redundant scenes or words. Your goal should be to deliver the message and make your viewers take the desired action.

Utilize Technology

According to Nnanna, you do not need a degree in cinematography to create quality video content for your business. However, he added that apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and Filmora come in handy when it comes to editing videos and adding text and music to your scenes. He also mentioned how anyone can learn the basics of content creation from YouTube tutorials.


Finally, be as original as possible when creating video content, start with the resources at your disposal and always work at your own pace.

Author: 234 Finance

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