Creative Entrepreneurship: What You Need to Take Advantage Of

Creative Entrepreneurship: What You Need to Take Advantage Of
May 31, 2017 234Finance

There is a paradigm shift in the business world today and it is no longer business as usual. The concept of the marketplace is changing daily from just buying and selling. Consumers want to see more innovation and out-of-the-box ideas spring up and taking a life of their own. This is the time to launch that crazy idea of yours that has been chilling on your hard drive for more than a year.

Mark Zuckerberg cracked the glass ceiling about a decade ago when he created Facebook, doing anything social with the internet over 10 years ago was a bizarre idea but the likes of Facebook have transformed the way we use the internet today. But that is not all, there are a few other ways to approach creative entrepreneurship.

  • Go against the norm. The norm doesn’t sell again and people are turning towards more creative ideas. Do you have any crazy idea up your sleeve? The best time to start is now, irrespective of the resources at your disposal. Raj Singh, a 19-year-old college freshman had an abnormal idea for how advertising can be more innovative, today he is the founder Dronecast. “There is no one else doing this,” Singh says. DroneCast filed for a provisional patent for this sort of drone-mounted display advertising in January. Singh completed a successful test flight with a prototype drone at the end of April. Since then, he has amassed an aerial advertising squad of six drones. Investors have also committed $1 million to his Philadelphia-based start-up, which aims to take a piece of a $7 billion “out of home” advertising market that includes conventional billboards, transit ads, and the so-called street furniture.


  • Find an area of public interest and transform it into a business idea. Find out what people enjoy doing the most and leverage on it. Enough has been said about turning your passion into wealth, but have you thought of making millions out of what other people love? I remember many years ago when I first started seeing what was called “viewing centres” around the cities in my home country. These viewing centres were an instant hit because they were set up so people could catch every football match in the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. These centres started as a fad, but when the fad overlapped with the high cost of cable TV subscriptions, viewing centres took off.


  • Think “on-the-go” products and services. The world is moving at a fast pace with people constantly on go. What kinds of products can you think up for people, to make their mobility easier? These startups are termed on-the-go businesses and this is a category where new product ideas have succeeded. I mean, there are on-the-go supermarkets, mobile canteens and even mobile toilets these days.

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