[Funding Opportunity] Innovate Africa Price 2017

[Funding Opportunity] Innovate Africa Price 2017
October 15, 2016 234Finance

Image Source: Innovate Africa

Innovate AFRICA, a media organization whose aim is to support digital innovation and experimentation, seeks to empower citizens by improving the quality and impact of African civic journalism.

To achieve this, the search has commenced for the next set of ideas that will change the way that African media organizations work. Significant and visible improvements to existing norms or proposal of new ways for African journalists to gather news, tell stories, engage with audiences, or sustain media corporations are wanted. Ideas that have the potential to be replicated or that could scale across the continent will have a preference over others.

The total prize worth is $1 million USD but winners will also receive more than just cash grants. They will also receive technical advice and software development support from Code for Africa’s affiliate technology labs across the continent, along with business and editorial mentorship from industry experts at CFI, the Media Development Investment Fund and the Global Editors Network (GEN).

Furthermore, winners with a ready prototype of their idea will be given the opportunity to showcase their innovations to venture capitalist funds for possible additional investment.

 A breakdown of the prize money revealed that winners will receive cash grants of between $12,500 and $100,000, depending on the potential impact and the operational demands of the project. Each project’s operational requirement will be spelled out in a detailed budget that shortlisted finalists will be required to file in the 2nd phase of judging. Finalists will receive feedback from innovate Africa’s technical review panel to help them develop this budget.

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