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As an entrepreneur, you are the heart and soul of your business. Its operations are fueled by your ideas, abilities and decisions. It is important to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to improve yourself. You must be intentional about staying on top of your game, as it will have a direct impact in your business. Here are four ways to invest in yourself as an entrepreneur:

Invest in education

Knowledge is power. If you care enough about your business, invest quality time in acquiring more knowledge about your industry until you know all the intricate details to successfully run the company. Take time out to read books and articles;  listen to podcasts and watch videos that will educate you. Enrolling for courses, attending seminars and training relevant to your business will go a long way in empowering you. You should never be reluctant to pay for education because it is an investment that will pay off long term.  As you gather knowledge, make sure to apply it to your business.

Invest in technology

Remember those times when people only advertised on television, radio and in newspapers? When computers were cumbersome, nearly immovable objects and video calls didn’t exist? Imagine being an entrepreneur in a time like that.

Today, with a laptop, good internet connection and online applications you can run a lean business model. Most apps have free versions you can use till you can purchase the paid versions which have additional functionalities. Wave App for example can be used to invoice customers and track payments. With this application, you do not immediately need to hire an accountant till your business is buoyant enough to afford one.

Utilizing technology will take your business from its geographic location to a global marketplace.

Invest in relationships

In entrepreneurship, your network is as valuable as money. As a business owner, you must constantly surround yourself with those that can relate with your vision, impact you positively and understand the message your brand is communicating.

Attending events and conferences is a great way to build new relationships. Look out for events in your industry and go out of your way to network with other people.  You will be surprised that one person you connected with at an event, will be the game-changer that will advance your business.

Social media is another way to build relationships. Join communities of like minded individuals on social media. While relating with people, remember that you represent your brand’s core values.  Show goodwill and integrity in all your dealings to enjoy patronage from your customers. Train your staff to also do the same.

Invest in self-care

You are the most valuable asset to your business. This implies that if something goes wrong with you, it will affect the business adversely. Therefore, you must take absolute care of yourself.

Eat healthy, exercise often and get enough sleep. Spend time doing the things you love outside of work. Reward yourself with a massage every now and then. Take breaks and vacation from time to time. The bottom line is don’t get so caught up in running the business that you forget to take care of yourself. Resting is not being lazy.

Investing in yourself is not easy decision to make, especially when it involves spending money. Most entrepreneurs think it unnecessary. Some even think they don’t deserve it and should just manage the resources they have. Fight this mindset by reminding yourself of how important it is to invest in yourself and the business; and how it’s going to make the business run even smoother. Investing in yourself might seem initially expensive, but its rewards are endless.

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