Is your Resume 2017 Compliant?

Is your Resume 2017 Compliant?
December 29, 2016 234Finance

This year presented many opportunities and smart individuals benefited by attaching creativity in line with evolving technological trends. The minutest detail, even as simple as the appearance of your resume could go a long way in convincing potential employers that you are probably the right person for the job.

So, ahead of the new year, it would be good to note some trendy resume formats that would be catchy enough to win the hearts of several employers. Here is a list of things to keep in mind whilst updating or creating your CVs for job applications in 2017.

Every resume needs a summary statement, so ensure you build a catchy one that would be interesting enough for your potential employer. This is important for creating a strong first impression. Also, please make it as easy-to-read as possible. How? Be concise! Let the eyes of the recruiter be able to run through smoothly. Keep the paper spaces as free as possible. Avoid dense paragraphs; delete as many unnecessary information as possible.

Keep your most relevant achievements at the forefront; outline the most valuable roles you played in previous companies. It helps to cut to the chase. Next, don’t forget that recruiters get to read countless resumes and have little patience reading through piles of them. Most barely spend up to a minute on each; yours has got to be worthwhile and engaging within that time frame or less.

Finally, social media has impacted on the recruitment world and so many employers go a step ahead by checking your online profiles and the activities you claim to be engaged in. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your online profiles, websites, blogs and social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) all correspond with the information provided on your CV. In other words, consistency must be in check to avoid unconsciously contradicting yourself or exaggerating your profile. Recruiters are wiser and the world is a global village so information is at almost everyone’s fingertips.

In 2017, the job market would certainly be more competitive with numerous applications flying from various angles. To distinguish yourself, it would be wise to keep all of the above in check. This would keep you from one of the commonest pitfalls that most job seekers experience on their first point of contact with potential recruiters; their resumes.

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