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How To Improve Business Research And Development

Most entrepreneurs enjoy sharing inspirational stories about how they identified a problem, developed a solution and probably disrupted the market. However, innovation doesn’t work that way most times. It is by creating the solution that the problems are identified. It is harder to articulate problems when you take little things for granted. For example, it was…
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Raising Venture Capital

  The thought of someone trusting an idea or innovation enough to invest a huge sum of money is certain to give any first-time entrepreneur the thrills. Sadly, venture capital investment is not for all businesses.  If the idea of your business getting sold or going public eventually sits well with you, or you require…
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Leading By Example

Being the CEO or founder of your brand automatically means you are the brand. Your employees will always take cues from you. This is why leadership is an integral part of entrepreneurship. The strength of your business depends on your philosophies and values as a leader. To build a successful brand, you need to be…
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