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We have been looking forward to 2020 and all the trends and opportunities that the new decade heralds – hello, AI and Machine Learning. However, living a fast-paced tech-savvy life has its own downsides – melting ice caps, rising sea levels and animal species going extinct. According to The United Nations Foundations, climate change and global warming are some of the top global issues our planet is facing and our entire ecosystem is at risk.

In a recent interview with the founder of The Green Cycler, Ebo Evelyn, one of the finalists at The Mentor Matchup Challenge 3.0; we discussed the impact of our collaborative efforts on the sustainability of our planet.

Kindly introduce The Green Cycler; tell us what you do and the motivation behind the brand.

The Green Cycler is a motivated individual involved in the “upgrading” of green waste into reusable, biodegradable, toxic-free raw material. Our business has the potential to stimulate industrial and economic growth, employment generation and national wealth alongside safer public health.

The motivation behind the brand is “my trash, my treasure” – the ability to see great treasure in items termed “trash”.

Climate change ranks one of the top risks the global economy stands to face in 2020. How do you think what The Green Cycler is doing will have an effect in combating Climate change?

Affirmative. I think what The Green Cycler is doing will have great effect in combating climate change.

The Green Cycler is adopting a “bottom-top” approach by reaching out to the younger generation at the grass root level as change starts from them. When these young minds are interested in the “upgrading of waste” process, The Green Cycler believes no green waste will get to the landfills from any home. As a source of employment generation, more hands will be utilized to upgrade the commercially produced green waste.

What are the things you struggle with in running this business and how have you managed to stay ahead of them?

In running this business, The Green Cycler’s basic struggle are time and old habits.

The Green Cycler has managed to stay ahead by using effective time management skills- giving details to milestones with timelines. We are also struggling with getting people to give up old habits of discarding waste by creating awareness in our community.

What are The Green Cycler’s goals for 2020? What steps are you taking to achieve them?

The Green Cycler’s goals for 2020 are:

  • Active involvement of the Nigerian youths in combating climate change
  • Preach the gospel of “say no to landfills”.

The steps that are been taken to achieve them are grassroot sensitization, awareness creation and proffering alternative solutions of the upgraded raw materials.

What is a primary lesson you have learnt so far in your entrepreneurial journey?

The primary lesson learnt so far in the entrepreneurial journey is that “While success is a slow process, quitting won’t speed it up either.”

You were a finalist at The Mentor Matchup Challenge 3.0 last December. Can you tell us about your experience and some of the lessons you learnt from it?

Woow!!!! Yes, the Green Cycler was a finalist at The Mentor Matchup Challenge 3.0 last December. The experience was a unique and memorable one, also an eye-opener in the entrepreneurial world.

Lessons learnt from it are:

  • Be open to new ideas
  • Dread Quitting, but embrace redirecting your vision.

How can people who are interested in purchasing your product reach you?

People who are interested in The Green Cycler’s products or interested in acquiring The Green Cycling knowledge can reach us via:

Instagram: @thegreencycler

Facebook: GreenCycling_Ng


Twitter: GreenCycling_Ng

Author: 234 Finance

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