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12 Years An Entrepreneur

Image Source: Mistakes are inevitable for every entrepreneur.  Acquiring knowledge, writing plans and having defined goals about your business is important, as it will serve as a key performance indicator. However, these plans will not come to realization if there’s no execution. Executing business plans is perhaps the most daunting task, talk is cheap…
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Highlights From Keynote Speakers at #TechPlus2016

TechPlus is a gathering of everything technology, providing a robust tripartite tech experience through its conferences, exhibitions and gaming structures whilst serving as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking for the consumers and businesses. Over 5,000 participants and notable technology leaders converged in Lagos for TechPlus 2016 which held at the Eko Hotels Conference Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.…
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How Corporations Are Built

The journey from a small business to a fully blown corporation may take a lifetime and this can be discouraging for any budding entrepreneur. Many aspiring entrepreneurs want to start businesses and get returns almost immediately. This is an unrealistic expectation for building a sustainable venture that can stand the test of time. It is…
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