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Raising Venture Capital

  The thought of someone trusting an idea or innovation enough to invest a huge sum of money is certain to give any first-time entrepreneur the thrills. Sadly, venture capital investment is not for all businesses.  If the idea of your business getting sold or going public eventually sits well with you, or you require…
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Before Seeking Investment

Super cool Idea. Check. Business Model. Check. Killer Presentation. Check. Elevator Pitch. Check. Ready to meet the Investors? Check…Hey, hold up, not so fast. Just because you think you’ve aced the investor requirement checklist doesn’t mean that you’re ready for the huge inflow of capital. Hold your horses, take a step back and relax while…
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sheVestor: 7 Tips that will Change the African Woman’s Mindset about Money

Image Source: Noirlinians-Mama Africa Hello sheVestors! These 7 tips will change the mindset of  every #sheVestor about money. Living in a continent like Africa, we can honestly say that being financially independent does not go down well with many societies due to various reasons that include being told that a man wouldn’t marry you and…
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