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Managing a ‘One-Man-Down’ Situation

The insatiable demand for ‘more’ arises in daily human endeavours and the same applies in the corporate world. The fact remains that job transition is a present reality with professionals constantly seeking ‘greener pastures’, more challenges and higher opportunities and benefits. Every company, be it private or non-profit, usually feels the impact of the exit…
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Why People Quit Their Jobs

Image Source: The Huffington Post A job change is inevitable for many people. There are often a myriad of reasons for this change or multiple changes such as learning opportunities, financial benefits or work place difficulties. Recent studies show there are more reasons responsible for the decision to switch jobs in addition to the more…
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How To Motivate Your Employees

Most employees are not motivated. According to staffing agency Kelly Services’ recent annual survey, covering 120,000 respondents globally, 48 percent of employees say they’re unhappy in their current jobs, up from 47 percent the previous year. How do you motivate your employees to help you achieve your business goals? Understanding the Two Types of Motivation…
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