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What does Mission and Vision really mean?

The Vision and Mission statements are integral parts of a company’s formation. They form the basis upon which any business intends to exist and offer products and services. It was usually documented and pasted conspicuously around the company for traditional organisations and in recent times, used as screensavers and background images on virtual networks. However,…
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The Power of Perseverance

A quick comparison between generation X and generations Y & Z, shows one major distinction – perseverance. The X generation lived in an era when they had to do everything manually whilst the Y and Z generations have almost everything automated. We want to see results quickly and nothing is worth waiting for anymore. We…
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Where Do I Start From?

A small business is a profit-oriented entity that is independently owned, operated and organized to provide specific goods or services to a pre-identified market. Small businesses are usually sole-proprietorships or partnerships. International brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Guinness and Facebook all began as small business ventures. Your start-up may be the next renowned brand or conglomerate,…
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