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Dear Entrepreneur, have you heard of Mara Mentor?

Mara foundation is a seed-funded social enterprise that was founded in 2009. The Mara foundation offers a  free online mentoring platform, Mara Mentor, that links promising entrepreneurs and business leaders globally and can be accessed via a web-based platform and a mobile application that’s available for download on iOS and Android. Mara Mentor affords you…
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Michael Seibel CEO of Y Combinator visits Nigeria + 5 Tips For Entrepreneurs

Image Source: Techloy It’s no news that Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria and Kenya some weeks ago; and just this week, Nigeria played host to Michael Seibel and Qasar Younis; the CEO and partners of Y Combinator – a California-based startup accelerator that has funded Dropbox, Airbnb, Reddit and over 1,000 other tech startups. Known as…
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Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Over the past few decades, people have seen the need to not only identify problems that plague their society, but provide lasting solutions to them. Hence, the need for social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurs recognize these problems and create innovative measures to curtail them. Meaning that they act as change agents towards development. David Bornstein, one of the…
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